It's About More Than Jewelry


It's about design, style, passion and hard work. We believe that creating quality, meaningful jewelry isn't enough. We go beyond to offer you a positive experience and exceptional product from start to finish. From beautifully engineered designs to high-quality craftsmanship and caring customer service, we strive for excellence in every way.

About Carla - Owner and Artist


Welcome to my online sea glass jewelry boutique! Let me share with you a bit about myself to give you a better understanding of who I am and the jewelry I love to create.

Just as the tide is pulled by the moon, I am truly pulled by creativity and my passion for jewelry and design. With a sketch book in my purse and one on my bedside table, I'm always prepared when inspiration strikes.

I am a self-proclaimed "jewelry junkie" and enjoy it in every form. From fine jewelry to costume jewelry and—my favorite—designer jewelry, I have more than I would like to admit. To me, there is a confidence found in the way a special piece of jewelry makes you feel. It's with that concept that I am inspired to create beautifully engineered designs with the goal that it will bring out the same inner confidence in everyone who wears them. 

Most days you can find me in the studio with my hands in a pile of sea glass or at my work bench creating. My passion for my work goes beyond the jewelry; it's about a deeply rooted connection to the ocean and the sense of peace it offers. My vision is to capture and embody that tranquil feeling in each unique piece that leaves our studio.

Growing up in New England, I spent my childhood by the seaside, walking along the shore and collecting treasures. I vividly remember the excitement I would feel looking down at the sand and seeing a shimmering piece of sea glass and the overwhelming joy of claiming it as my own. 

In college, I studied art history, painting and color theory. For most of my life, art and nature was where I found my inspiration until 2012 when my beautiful little girl was born. Now, I find new inspiration in the incredible journey of parenting and the overwhelming love I never knew could possibly exist. My days are spent balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship and watching my spirited little girl grow.

About the name “Lita”

Who is “Lita” and where did this name come from? As you may know, my name is Carla. When I was growing up, my family would call me “Carlita”. It’s origin stems from the Dutch term for “little girl”. Walking along the seashore today, I still get that same feeling of excitement when finding a piece of sea glass. The name “Lita” felt like the perfect name for a company devoted to creating treasures that evoke the child in all of us.