Jewelry Care

Caring for Your Sea Glass Jewelry . . .

Lita Sea Glass Jewelry uses sterling silver in all of our designs (unless otherwise noted as 14k gold or Platinum). Tarnish, is a natural process also called oxidation, which occurs when metal is exposed to the elements and everyday products such as lotions and perfumes. We suggest applying all personal products before putting on your sea glass jewelry.

Wear your sea glass jewelry often! Wearing your jewelry will actually help prevent tarnish process because the natural oils in your skin help to reflect the tarnish process.

To minimize scratches and other damages, store your sterling silver jewelry in a cloth pouch or separate compartment in your jewelry box. Although it is helpful to take precautions like those listed above, it is also advised to clean your sterling silver and sea glass jewelry on a regular basis, or as needed.

To clean your jewelry you can use a polish cloth that is specifically formulated to remove tarnish, and tarnish build up. We sell silver polish cloths here at our website, if you are interested in purchasing one. Make sure to read the directions on the back of the cloth before use, and please do not wash your jewelry cloth as it will remove the anti- tarnish formula. Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible. Make sure to give your jewelry a polish every now and then to maintain its shine, and keep tarnish at bay.

Over time, you might notice that your sea glass becomes a little dull or has smudges of dirt, dark spots or even tiny gray scratches. This may occur when your sea glass come into contact with things such as lotions, soaps, metals or even the oils in your skin. To restore the luster and color of your sea glass, add a little bit of dish soap to a small bowl of water. Using a soft bristle brush, gently brush the surface of the sea glass with the soap and water mixture. Rinse clean with warm water, and let it air dry.