Surprise mom with a meaningful mother's ring to honor her greatest role in life. Our captivating combinations of sea glass and gemstones are breathtakingly beautiful, and deeply significant. Customized from start to finish, we will work with you to create a purposeful piece of jewelry that she will be proud to wear.

Here is a step-by-step guide to take you through the process of creating a memorable sea glass Mother's ring.

1.It all starts with an idea or a design. You can decide on a ring design in one of the following ways...

  • Re-create an existing design – After over a decade of creating mother's rings we understand that it is helpful to see examples of styles that have made previously. We organized some of our favorite and most popular ring designs into a gallery. If you see something that is perfect we can re-create it for you and customize the size, color and diamond(s) or gemstone(s) that best fits your family. (View our Mother's ring gallery)
  • Modify an existing design – Do you see a design you like but want to change it up a bit? No problem! We can take an existing design and modify in any way. Popular modifications include changing the band, customizing the gemstone(s), diamond(s), and metal. (View our Mother's ring gallery)
  • Create a new design – Whether it’s a design you have in mind or an idea you want us to bring to life, we are up for the challenge! We would love to create a one of a kind meaningful design tailored to your specific style and family birthstones.
    (Fill out the “custom design” form and we will get back to you with more information).
  • To start the process or request more information please reach out to us in one of the following ways:

    1. Fill out the “custom design” form.
    2. Submit your information under the style/ring you are interested in in the Mother's ring gallery.

2.Fine-tune the details - after a design is determined, we will go over the details so we can accurately create your mother's ring. We are happy to schedule a call if you are more comfortable going over the details by phone.

  • Decide on a metal - We can create your ring in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver.
  • Ring Size - We will need to know the desired size of the ring. If you don’t know what size you need you can print our downloadable ring size chart or visit your local jeweler to get an accurate measurement.
  • Budget - We will work with you to create the perfect ring at the perfect price, just for you!
  • Diamond/Gemstone Size - We offer .01 point diamonds all the way up to 1 ½ carats and gemstones in all shapes and sizes. We can customize any ring design with any size diamond or gemstone to best fit your price range and style preference.
  • Sea Glass - We will provide you a picture with several sea glass options in your desired color for you to choose from. If you have your own special sea glass that you would like to use, we may be able to accommodate this as well. We will need to see the sea glass in person to make sure the size and quality will fit the design and be able to with stand the work involved to set the glass.

3.Agreement Contract

  • Pre-Paid Rings - Upon checkout there will be a check box where you can click to consent to our contract.
  • Custom Rings - An agreement contract will be emailed to you complete with the details of your purchase and our policies. We require for this contract to be signed and returned to us prior to the design of the ring.


  • Pre-Paid Rings - No further payment will be required unless modifications or expedited shipping has been requested.
  • Custom Rings - Upon completion of the agreement contract, the first installation is due. The payment can be made through a secure online payment process (we will email you the link to purchase at that time). For more details about our payment options please visit out F.A.Q's.

5.Completion of Ring

  • Pre-Paid Rings - Upon completion of your ring, you will receive an email with pictures of your finished piece. An automatic email confirmation containing details of your shipment/ tracking will also be sent at this time.
  • Custom Rings - Upon completion of your ring, we will email you a link to view pictures of your finished piece for you approval. The balance of the ring will be due at this time.

6.We will carefully box your custom ring and ship it out to you in a fully insured package.