• Seafoam Light Half Moon UV Sea Glass Spinner Ring - size 7
  • Seafoam Light Half Moon UV Sea Glass Spinner Ring - size 7
  • Seafoam Light Half Moon UV Sea Glass Spinner Ring - size 7

Seafoam Light Half Moon UV Sea Glass Spinner Ring - size 7

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The light seafoam sea glass in this spinner ring is UV and glows faintly like the moon under a black light. The sea glass is a long half-moon oval shape. It has been set in shining 14k yellow gold over jeweler's brass with a thin gold band that spins within a wider hammered sterling silver band. This ring measures a size 7.

REMEMBER - This is the EXACT piece you will receive!  

ABOUT UV SEA GLASS:  Ultraviolet glass or UV glass is a yellow-green glass that was mostly produced for household items such as tableware in the mid 1800's up until World War 11. The glass achieves its greenish color from uranium dioxide, which was used as a colorant. Pieces of red, orange or yellow sea glass that glows may glow a different color. This is from a color additive called Manganese and it created a wide range of colors from yellow, to violet and orange. It was used to decolorize glass or stabilize the color so it wouldn't change over time. Glass that contains manganese will glow orange, pink, yellow or peach under a black light. 


  • Size: 7; sea glass size: 3/8" x 1/4"
  • Metal: Sterling silver & 14k Yellow gold over jeweler's brass
  • Rareness: Rare
  • Origin: Massachusetts

Please remember, ALL of our sea glass is genuine, ocean-tumbled sea glass that is collected on beautiful beaches in Massachusetts, California, Hawaii and the West Coast. It is NEVER machine-tumbled. Working with authentic sea glass presents many wonderful rewards! Each piece of sea glass is one-of-a-kind, making the jewelry truly unique! Each piece of sea glass is carefully selected for each design by color, shape and size. Earrings are sorted by hand and precisely matched up. LOTS of love, time and care goes into the creation of each piece from start to finish. We use only jewelry-grade, A+ quality sea glass that is smooth, beautiful and resembles a gemstone. Using only the finest of materials ensures quality and durability. We hope you will treasure the jewelry as much as we treasure the art of making it!

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  • Exclusively designed in Massachusetts
  • Individually handmade with love
  • Hypoallergenic – Sterling Silver