About Lita Sea Glass Jewelry Wholesale


Lita Sea Glass Jewelry is a unique company that specializes in authentic sea glass jewelry smoothed and tumbled by sand and time. All of Lita's products are made with genuine sea glass.The sea glass pieces are not adjusted in any way other than drilling the glass for styling purposes. These beautiful "gems" are used just as mother nature has left them, washed up on the shore, in an array of shapes and sizes. Because they are all "natural," no two pieces of sea glass are alike. This is what makes Lita's Sea Glass a truly unique line of jewelry. Due to the irregular nature of the sea glass, there may be small "imperfections" on the surface of the glass. This is from years of being tossed by the waves and being smoothed down by the sand and rocks. Lita Sea Glass Jewelry uses only "jewelry quality" pieces of sea glass. These pieces are more sought after because they are smoother pieces of top quality sea glass. Depending on the piece, it takes anywhere between 50 - 100 years for the ocean to produce a piece of "jewelry quality" sea glass. In that time it is very easy for the sea glass to get broken or chipped on rocks. This makes true "jewelry quality" sea glass even more rare.

Working with authentic sea glass is a time consuming and tedious process. Each and every piece is sorted and categorized by shape, size and color. Pieces are selected for each design style depending on these criteria to make sure each piece of jewelry lays flat and is comfortable to wear. It takes hundreds of pieces of glass to sort, match and pair to find one perfect set of earrings.

When purchasing Lita sea glass jewelry, please know that each piece is hand made specifically for your order. We are a small company that specializes in quality products and customer satisfaction. With the growing popularity of sea glass and recycling programs more prominent then ever, sea glass is becoming increasingly rare. Lita sea glass jewelry goes to great lengths to offer you top quality genuine sea glass in a variety of colors. We are one of the only, if not the only company to offer authentic sea glass jewelry in the more rare colors such as aqua, cobalt and cornflower. We strive to offer you these one of a kind products at competitive prices to make this a profitable line for you to carry, and a unique addition to your gallery or boutique.

Lita Sea Glass Jewelry has been in business since 2005 and started offering the jewelry wholesale in 2008. You can find Lita's jewelry in over 40 shops and boutiques across the United States and Europe. We appreciate our wonderful customers that have helped make Lita Sea Glass Jewelry what it is today, and are dedicated to providing all customers with exclusivity of our line. This means we will not sell to more then one shop per zip code or city.

At the start of each season Lita adds new products and designs to our wholesale line to keep it fresh and stylish. We offer designs that are timeless and classic, and can be appealing to a large selection of ages and styles. One day finding a piece of sea glass on the beach will be an extremely rare occurance. Our designs capture the beauty of sea glass using fine sterling silver and quality materials so that these timeless gems can be handed down through families for generations.