A Few Simple Ways to Bring the Ocean into Your Wedding

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 3rd May 2017

Whether you're planning a wedding for the spring or the fall, it's a special day that deserves the utmost attention in terms of planning. And while a beach wedding might be the plan of your dreams, all of that travel can be a little bit pricey.

So if your heart belongs to the sea and your strict budget, these tips are for you. Here's how you can bring the ocean right to your wedding without ever getting your feet wet.

Beach Colors

If there's one thing that sets the tone for a wedding, it's the color scheme. Varying shades of blue, white, and brown can all mingle together beautifully to create a feeling of being seaside for the entire ceremony and reception. Even the table and chair covers should run in this vein to keep the beach feeling going.


You can't go to the beach, or plan a beach-themed wedding for that matter, without a few seashells. These are some of the most versatile beach accessories, as they can be incorporated almost anywhere in the wedding. Beach centerpieces can be made using large shells, pieces of driftwood, and flowers typically found in warm, tropical climates. Seashells can even be fashioned into jewelry or cuff links if they're small enough.

Sea Glass

If there's an empty spot on a table or your wedding just isn't feeling much like the ocean, sea glass is an excellent way to make up for that. Beach glass jewelry in particular can make a beautiful addition to your special day. From sea glass pendants to sea glass wedding jewelry options designed specifically for your day, there are countless types of beach glass to incorporate. And the best part? You can hunt for these little treasures all on your own. In fact, just eight miles north of Mendocino, CA is a beautiful sea glass beach. Whether you want authentic sea glass anklets or just want options to help you design beach glass jewelry, this is a simple way to bring the beach to you.

Your wedding is your special day, and if you love the ocean then you should definitely take these tips to heart.