Custom Sea Glass Engagement Rings: A Look at the Process

Custom Sea Glass Engagement Rings: A Look at the Process

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 16th May 2023

An engagement ring is perhaps one of the most important rings that one can buy in their lifetime. It is a symbol of love and promise, a commitment that will ultimately bind two souls together.

Have you ever wondered why we wear engagement rings on our left ring finger?

There was an ancient belief that the fourth finger of the left hand has the "vena amoris," which literally means "vein of love." It was believed that this finger has a vein that connects it directly to the heart! 

How romantic is that!

With such meaning and significance that dates back to antiquities, it is important that you choose a ring that truly speaks to you and the special person you are going to pop the question to!

Why sea glass engagement rings?

No two pieces of sea glass are alike. From shape, texture, history, and unique features, the ocean has definitely made jewels out of these once-discarded pieces.

Reinvented by the tides, each sea glass piece has gone through a rich and meaningful journey of their own — reshaped by the waves into even more exquisite gems made stronger through time.

With each unique sea glass, you can be assured that no two of our rings are exactly the same — much like every story of love.

Every union is one-of-a-kind...and so should your engagement ring be!

There are three ways to avail of our one-of-a-kind sea glass engagement rings.

1. You can choose from a variety of engagement rings and designs that are in stock. 

This is perfect if you immediately need a ring. Listings for these pre-made rings have a note that says "This is the EXACT ring you will receive."

Complimentary sizing is available upon checkout and we also offer one free resizing.

Check them out at

2. Have one re-created just for you from an existing style on our website. 

All styles in our engagement ring catalog can be re-created according to your choice of sea glass, metal, and style.

Yes, that is right! You get to choose the exact sea glass piece for your ring. We will send you pictures of the sea glass options so you can surely get the one that truly speaks to you!

If you need it faster, you can also inquire about a rush order.

3. We can create something entirely new. 

If you have a certain style in mind that is different from our ring styles, we can definitely custom-create your dream engagement ring!

Our engagement ring styles can also be recreated as anniversary rings, mother's rings, or right-hand rings! 

Email us at to schedule a free design consultation with our designer. 

Wondering what the custom process looks like? 

Here's a glimpse of a custom Radiance sea glass ring's journey...from start to finish!