How to Join our Private Facebook Group

How to Join our Private Facebook Group

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 12th Jan 2021

This guide will walk you through the six quick steps to joining our Lita Inner Circle Private Facebook Group. Once you've joined you will be able to view each creative collection's password on the day of their launch. You will even be able to catch a glimpse of the complete collection for 24 hours before each collection release to browse at your leisure before the collection becomes available to shop on our website!

STEP ONE: Log into Facebook 

*If you don't have a Facebook account then please follow the directions below to join.

Create a Facebook account:  Download the Facebook App to your device from your App Store or go to

STEP TWO: Once you’ve logged in, locate the magnifying glass at the top of your home page, which signifies the search bar. Type Lita Sea Glass Jewelry into the search bar as shown below. Click on our Lita Sea Glass Jewelry to access our page. 

STEP THREE: From the Lita Sea Glass Jewelry page navigate to the Groups tab. Finding this tab will appear differently depending on if you are using your phone or a computer.  

Navigating on a computer.