​Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends Every Fashion Lover Needs to Know About

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 31st May 2017

Spring is here, and with it come new and impressive jewelry trends. From sea glass wedding jewelry options to casual pieces for a night out, the variety for spring of 2017 is simply astounding. Here are a few trends you should definitely be on the lookout for this season.

Inverted Gems

Inverting the setting of diamonds and other gems not only makes for a fresh new look, it breathes a unique life into the stones that you rarely see. Not only that, but it gives the appearance of opulent spikes on earrings and cuff bracelets. Even sea glass earrings can utilize this inverted setting method for a fierce, beachy look.


Thick, layered bangles are back this spring, and they're here with new colors and designs that just about everyone will love. From intense colors accented with tiny gems to simple wooden cuffs, the trend certainly offers something for everyone. Wooden bangles can even be paired with sea glass bracelets for a look that is reminiscent of the sea.


Whether it's a thin ribbon or a studded collar, the choker really made a comeback this year. It's been a perfect accent to off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, offering just the right amount of a statement piece. If you're looking for a unique way to incorporate this into your wedding, consider wire-wrapping a piece of sea glass and adding it to a ribbon to form a makeshift choker. Homemade chokers are just as beautiful as store-bought items, and they can even offer a more vintage look if that's what you're going for.

Colored Gems

It's no secret that colored gems have come back into style. Sapphires, rubies, and even colored diamonds are all having a huge moment right now. In addition, all of your sea glass wedding jewelry options are now especially in vogue. The subtle hues of blue, green, and aqua are often found in every 50 to 100 pieces of sea glass, and are favorites for wedding jewelry.

Whether you're looking for a new trend to try or you're just into jewelry, these trends are certainly worth investing in a few new pieces.