Eco Friendly

I always thought that sea glass seemed to be the result of natures recycling program. Something that was once discarded, the ocean's waves and sand turn into beautiful frosted gems! Keeping this concept in mind Lita Sea Glass Jewelry takes great pride in being an eco friendly company in every way that we can! Here are some of the ways we try to conserve in our business to reduce our carbon footprint.


We Recycle!

We are very careful of what we use and we re-use as much as we can! All of our paper products are recycled, from our printing paper to our jewelry boxes! We also carefully save all of our sterling silver scraps that are left over from making the jewelry.  When we have enough scraps accumulated we melt them down and re-use the silver.


Email Receipts

When placing an order with Lita Sea Glass Jewelry you will get email notifications instead of mailed paper copies. If you do request a paper copy, it will be sent using 100% recycled paper and envelope.


Energy Saving Lights & Timers

We use energy efficiant light bulbs and make sure to shut off the lights when we are not working or take a break.  All of our equiptment gets shut down at night or when they are not in use to conserve energy.


Keeping our beaches clean

On a beautiful sunny day you can often find us by the shore hunting for sea glass! We always make sure to not only pick up sea glass but also to discard of any plastic or trash that we may find along our way. 


Every little bit counts. . . a few small changes can make a big difference!