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Start Your Sea Glass Collection Today

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If you are lucky enough to be visiting a beach this summer or live nearby (lucky you!), you should consider adding sea glass collecting to your beach-time itinerary. Sea glass, also known as mermaid tears, are beautiful, unique, and highly sought after. Artisans love to use the pieces for beach glass jewelry and enhancing other crafts they have. Imagine owning your very own authentic sea glass ring. Just like a snowflake, no one piece of sea glass is identical to another. In fact, types of beach glass vary in color, shape, and size. Sea glass starts as just a bottle or glass that is in the water and over time, after being broken down and smoothed by the waves and sand, it becomes a smooth collectible item.

As society becomes more eco-friendly, sea glass becomes rarer. Most beverages are served in plastic containers now and recycling and advanced trash removal are responsible for the diminishing existence of sea glass, too. You better start your collection before sea glass is a thing of the past!

Sea glass can be quite expensive, too, based on color and size. There are colors that are rarer than others and make the piece that much more valuable. Orange is the least common type of sea glass, found once in about 10,000 pieces. The rarer the color, the older the piece of sea glass is! Rarer colors of sea glass are pieces that the color has not been made commercially for years and years. Red, turquoise, yellow, and orange are highly coveted sea glass colors. If you look into purchasing sea glass jewelry or making it yourself, know that the pricing reflects the color and size of the piece. For example, an authentic sea glass ring with red or turquoise could easily cost hundreds.

So, how do you start collecting? Check the tide charts online to find out when the waters are lowest. Sea glass collectors have found that the most ideal time to be there is about an hour before the lowest point of the tide. You will also want to look for a beach that is a bit "dirty." If you have come to a pristine, clean beach then it has most likely been combed over getting rid of many of the sea glass pieces you might be looking for! The more you have to look through, the better! You will need time and patience for this newfound hobby. However, it shouldn't be too hard being patient because you get to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the beach while treasure hunting!

If you want to collect sea glass to start your very own unique collection or to become a master sea glass craftsman, it is a relaxing, enjoyable activity bringing both history and beauty together in a very special way. If you don't live near the water, but would like your very own authentic sea glass ring or sea glass necklace, look online for artisans who make this amazing jewelry available. As plastic slowly takes over it will be quite noteworthy to have a piece of sea glass that has survived time and mother nature.

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