Beauty From Scrap: Types of Sea Glass Colors

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 28th Apr 2017

One of the rising fashion trends of the past few years has been with some of the most basic of recycled materials. Sea glass jewelry shows us what a couple decades and a few knocks of waves against broken pieces of glass can create. Any multitude of vibrant colors can be gained from different types of beach glass, giving us stunning sea glass pendants and bracelets. Let's take a closer look of where these colored glasses come from and which colors are the most rare.

Common Colors

Three of the most common glass colors are green, brown and white. When you think about it, it's very easy to see why. Various liquor, soda and beer bottles are made from one of these types of colored glasses. And when these old bottles inevitably find their way into the sea, to be shaped and smoothed by the waves, it's no surprise these colors are easy to find if you take a short stroll along the beach.

Uncommon Colors

A couple colors you have to really look for are various shades of blue, light greens and purples. Though common to use as medicine jars and bottles many years ago, they have since been on a decline in recent years. This makes finding them as smooth sea glass a little more difficult. However, if they are found they can create very stunning beach glass jewelry. A cobalt blue sea glass pendant or a pair of light purple sea glass earrings certainly paint a pretty picture.

Rare Colors

Teal, red and orange remain some of the most elusive pieces of sea glass jewelry to find. Next to no glass products with these three colors are mass produced, therefore not giving a lot of chance for broken bottles and jars to find their way into the sea. Orange, in particular, only has about a one in 10,000 chance to be discovered. This only makes them that much more coveted for fine sea glass pendants and rings when they do turn up.

Sea glass is a marvel of the ocean itself, showing a unique ability to take something that was once broken and forgotten, and smoothing out its rough edges to create something new and beloved. It's so surprise then that the market for sea glass jewelry continues to increase, allowing these pieces to be showcased on some quality accessories.