​Styling sea glass made easy!

​Styling sea glass made easy!

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 11th Nov 2018

Our new shoppable look book makes styling your sea glass jewelry easier than ever before! A simple scroll down the page unveils several beach inspired sea glass looks including wedding and engagemen … read more

Start Your Sea Glass Collection Today

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 14th Aug 2017

If you are lucky enough to be visiting a beach this summer or live nearby (lucky you!), you should consider adding sea glass collecting to your beach-time itinerary. Sea glass, also known as mermaid t … read more

Beauty From Scrap: Types of Sea Glass Colors

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 28th Apr 2017

One of the rising fashion trends of the past few years has been with some of the most basic of recycled materials. Sea glass jewelry shows us what a couple decades and a few knocks of waves against br … read more