The Magic of Sea Glass

The Magic of Sea Glass

Posted by Lita Sea Glass Jewelry on 31st Aug 2017


Charged by the sun . Cleansed by the sea . Renewed by the tides.

You know the saying “you are a product of your environment” ? Well this couldn’t be more true for sea glass. Sea glass completely embodies all the properties of the ocean and the seaside in every possible way. The allure of these hybrid man and nature made gems is as captivating as the ocean itself.

Walking along the beach my eyes are fixed on the sand, looking, hoping, and praying to find a colorful piece of sea glass. My mind clears as my focus shifts towards the soothing crashing of the waves. The breeze softly blows the hair away from my face and I breath in the smell of the salty air. I am completely relaxed as I spot a shimmering glimpse of aqua peering out from under the sand. Just a small corner of the ocean gem, sticks out of the rippled sand. As I pick it up I can feel the silky textured surface of the sea glass. As I continue my walk I hold onto my treasure, constantly mulling it over between my fingers like a worry stone.

The feel of this little sea glass gem is soothing to the touch, just like the relaxing environment of the beach. For years the sea glass has been cleansed by the healing properties of the salt water as it traveled back and forth with the flowing rhythm of the tide. It soaks up the warm light of the sun all day and shimmer in the moonlight all night.

And so the tide, the sun and the moon are infused into the essence of the sea glass. Washed upon the shore and waiting to be discovered, like a gift from the universe. A pure, magical sea glass gem, charged with spiritual healing of the ocean. And so this feeling of calmness, of peace and tranquility is evoked every time you wear your beautiful sea glass jewelry.


How we cleanse and charge our sea glass to prepare it for jewelry making!

Upon collecting the sea glass, we put each piece into a bowl of spring water with a touch of coconut oil and place the bowl in the sunlight. We add raw crystals to the spring water bath as well to promote positive energy and healing. The sunlight casts beautiful shimmers of colors as it reflects the sea glass in the water. The warmth of the sun energizes and purifies the sea glass while the coconut oil brings out the natural color and luster of the glass.

After the spring water bath, each piece is placed on a towel to try. The glass is then organized by size shape color and or origin and stored in our sea glass jewelry studio!