Ring Size Guide



Re-Usable Ring Sizing Tool

We also offer a re-usable plastic ring sizing tool which you can purchase to help you easily find your ring size. To use the ring sizing tool, put the end of the sizer through the slot near the arrow to form a loop with the numbers facing outwards. You can adjust the loop larger or smaller easily as you find a place where the sizer feels like the best fit and can come on and off comfortably. Once you are happy with the fit, check the number that the arrow is pointing to, this is your ring size!

Remember, because the ring sizing tool is made of a soft plastic material, it allows for a bit more movement and flexibility than a metal band would have. You will want to make sure you don't pull the sizing tool to fit too snuggly. It should feel comfortable and be somewhat easy to slide on and off your finger. If you plan on ordering a ring with a wider band you may have to increase by 1/2 size to accommodate for the width.