How to SET UP and VIEW Instagram LIVE

How to SET UP and VIEW Instagram LIVE

Posted by lita sea glass jewelry on 7th Aug 2019


If you’re new to Instagram or you don’t currently have an account, here’s how you can join in! Keep in mind that Instagram LIVE videos can only be viewed using their app for a phone or ipad, not their desktop version.

Step One: Download the Instagram App to your device from your App Store.

Step Two: Create an account. (You can also Log In to Instagram using your Facebook account.)

Step Three: Once you’ve created your account, locate the magnifying glass at the bottom of your home page, which signifies the search bar. Type litaseaglassjewelry into the search bar.

Step 4: Click on our Lita Sea Glass page and locate the round profile image at the top left. While the LIVE event is taking place, there will be a rainbow colored circle around this image. Tap this image to watch our event!